A beginners guide to CBD – How do I take CBD and what’s the right dose for me?

Not sure where to even start when it comes to trying CBD? That's understandable. CBD comes in many different forms – you can eat it, drink it, vape it, and slather it on your skin (just mentioning a few). Bliss’s 10% organic broad spectrum CBD oil with MCT (coconut oil) is the purest and simplest version of CBD. The oil is easy to use in any drink or under the tongue - perfect for everyone who’s new to the jungle of CBD. In this guide we’ll get into the details of how you find your personal form and dosage when taking CBD.

Take CBD under your tongue (i.e. sublingually)
CBD oils are designed to be held under the tongue or it can be mixed with your favorite drink. If you choose to add the CBD under your tongue you preferably leave it there for 30-60 seconds before you swallow. Then it takes around 15-25 minutes for the CBD to do its thing in your body. This is the fastest way of absorption. As a bonus, taking CBD under your tongue is more effective, meaning that your body will use a greater amount of it.

Add CBD to your drinks
Our pure organic oil has an earthy, grassy taste that works really well in coffee, matcha lattes, juices, and tangy mocktails. In a small amount of 2-3 drops, you probably won’t even taste it (tip: if you do want to highlight the taste, drop or spray it on the surface of your drink!). When you drop it in your beverage of choice, it takes around 30 minutes to 2 hours for the CBD to be absorbed. Also, a bit less is uptaken into your bloodstream compared to dropping it under your tongue. We'd say it's a great way to begin if you want to ease into it slowly - or if you want to incorporate it to what you’re already doing. At the Bliss office, we love to boost our smoothies in the morning and spike our non-alcoholic cocktails after work.

CBD beginners dosage guide: Start low, go slow
We recommend you to start with a base dose of 2 drops of The Original Oil, stick with it for up to 7 days and then increase with one CBD drop per day until you find your sweet spot. We like around 5 drops per day.

Find your optimal CBD dose and usage
There is no standard dose that fits all. Your biology, body weight, tolerance, and desired outcome are individual and so is the CBD sweet spot. The best thing you can do is to listen to your body and assess how it affects you. It’s subtle and more holistic, since it can help balance our bodies (read more about what CBD is here). But remember to also have fun with it. It’s not all that serious. Give it a try in your coffee, in your matcha, under your tongue - find out what’s your thing and what works with your lifestyle and routines!

Find your CBD ritual and be patient
The first time you try CBD, you might think “is this it?”. Some people fall in love straight away, while others have to go on a few dates first. That isn’t at all unusual because not everyone feel immediate sensations. But hey, patience is key for pretty much everything in life. For best results – find your dosage, use it daily (or at least regularly) and continue the ritual for at least three weeks.